Individual Membership Applications

  1. Qualifications: To apply for an individual membership, you must satisfy all of the following conditions.
    (1) You graduated a university or college. (You have a bachelor's degree.).
    (2) Your research area is economics.
    (3) ) You are referred by two regular members of the Japanese Economic Association (JEA).
  2. Membership types: Regular membership and student membership.
  3. Fees: The annual membership fee (April to March) is JPY 12,000. The reduced student membership fee is JPY 6,000. To be eligible for a student membership, please send the certificate of your student status for the relevant academic year to the JEA Secretariat Office by email or by post. When you apply for a membership, the certificate of your student status should be sent at the same timing of the application. To continue your student membership, the certificate of your student status should be sent until the end of May every year.
  4. Members' Privileges: Both types of members receive a subscription to the Japanese Economic Review and the Current Trends in Economics (gGendai Keizaigaku no Choryuh written in Japanese). Both types of members can submit and present the paper(s) at our bi-annual meetings. For graduate students who paid a student discount membership fee (6,000JPY), only poster sessions are available to register. Graduate students who paid a regular membership fee (12,000 JPY) can submit the paper(s) to paper session.
  5. Official approval: JEA officially approves memberships once a year, at the annual members' meeting of the association.
  6. The JEA accounting year is from April to March. The membership fee is 12,000YEN for regular member (or 6,000 YEN for student member) regardless of the time of applications.

Membership Fee Rules

  1. The JEA accounting year is from April to March.
  2. The annual membership fee is JPY 12,000. The reduced student membership fee (JPY 6,000) is applicable to graduate students upon receipt of a certificate of their student status for the relevant academic year.
  3. A former member who wishes to join the JEA must pay all outstanding fees, if any.
  4. New members must pay the full amount of the annual membership fee, even if the approval is made during the academic year. New members must pay the fee within sixty days of the official approval of their membership. (Footnote: New members who wish to make a presentation at a meeting may have an earlier deadline for fee payment. Please refer to the announcement of the relevant meeting.)

Membership Applications

Non-member requires membership application.

Change of Address Notification Form

If you change your address and /or the affiliation, Please let us know by e-mail.

Payment Method

An invoice-a transfer form of the Japan Post Bank-is sent by mid-April to each member's registered mailing address. If you have changed addresses, please intimate the secretariat office through the change of address notification form.

Members who live in Japan are requested to use the Japan Post Bank form-which contains the membership ID information-whenever possible. The details of the JEA account at the Japan Post Bank can be found on our Japanese website.

Members who live outside Japan, or who have difficulty using the Japan Post Bank, can contact the secretariat office for an alternative payment method.

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